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VOIP Hardware

VOIP software isnít the only thing experiencing a consumer explosion. There is a complete mix of both service and hardware vendors involved in VOIP. In short, if youíre looking for an Internet phone, you wonít have to look far. Most of the companies offering VOIP services also offer the hardware. Consumer outlets are just now beginning to pop up all over the Internet. Itís only a matter of time until youíll be able to go to the mall and order/change your VOIP service or purchase accessories.

The table below provides a listing of the hardware vendors. Almost all of these vendors are offering IP telephones and other accessories through existing VOIP service providers.

Xten Networkswww.xten.com
SJ Labswww.sjlabs.com
EyeP Mediawww.eyepmedia.com
Pulver Innovationswww.pulverinnovations.com

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