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Advantages of VOIP

You keep more of your money every month.
Companies like AT&T and Verizon are charging more for long distance. Even the bundled packages that include local and long distance can be around $60+ per month. While users who rely on long distance to generate income are most likely to save money with the packages, more casual users have found they’re only throwing money out the window every month. VOIP offers an affordable alternative.

You can make long-distance phone calls for FREE or for a low monthly fee.
Make a call from a hotel in New York City to a friend in Los Angeles without having to pay the extra fees at checkout. Got a business associate in London? Keep in regular contact without worrying about next month’s long-distance bill. The new voice over IP systems are emerging faster than anyone expected, and new services are becoming available rapidly.

You can decide what area code to use with your phone number.
Are you concerned about giving up your current phone number? Don’t worry – many VOIP providers will allow you to keep your number. This will save you the hassle of calling all your friends to give out a new phone number. In addition, many of these same providers will allow you to choose your own area code. Even if you live in Minnesota, you can pick an area code in California – and every call you make to that California area code will be a local call.

Disdvantages of VOIP


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