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We're in the midst of another global communication revolution – much like the Internet revolution almost 20 years ago. Now you can dial out through TV/Internet cable lines and even electric wires with the same reliability as your regular telephone. And there's even better news – the new voice over Internet protocol or VOIP technology is not only changing the way we communicate, but also the cost of that communication.

Many trend-watchers say that use of the technology will spread across the consumer market like wildfire before the end of the decade. In fact, the technology is already competing effectively against the established communications technologies. The larger service providers – such as AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest – are scrambling to offer new VOIP services. There is no doubt that the VOIP technology is the game to watch.

Unless you subscribe to several business tech publications, you probably haven’t heard much about VOIP. The technology is just now breaking into the consumer market. If you are simply curious, you can easily try the technology sitting in front of your home computer. Simply download the necessary software (there are many to choose from), and within minutes you are able to use your cable or DSL Internet connection to make cheap local and long-distance calls. The software is very inexpensive, ranging from FREE to around $50 depending on the versatility you’re looking for.

What is happening to our current phone bills...

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