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Security – Start with the Basics

The first rule for ensuring the privacy and security of your VOIP network is to keep it separate from your data network. The second rule is to treat your VOIP exactly like your data network. When you apply virus protection and network patches to the data network, you can easily make the same effort to safeguard the VOIP network. With this in mind, you should follow these basic guidelines for maintaining a secure VOIP environment:

  • Before deploying the VOIP software, be sure to update your network infrastructure with the latest virus protection and network patches.
  • Install, maintain and monitor intrusion-detection software and high-quality firewalls on the VOIP network servers – just like the other enterprise servers.
  • Disable web access to IP PBXs (and internal phone extensions) – although they’re convenient for employees, they could put your data and voice transmissions at risk.
  • Control inbound and outbound traffic to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) devices. These devices provide single-point connection to multiple communication tools such as telephone, e-mail, cell phone, and instant messaging – and can pose a serious security risk.

Security – Use Logon Prompts and PINs


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