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Like so many companies in today’s global economy, yours is most likely in the process of streamlining costs and trying to retain the same level of service to your customers. Budgets are flat, employees are overworked and overstressed, and – to make matters worse – the company is faced with replacing an aging patchwork of phone systems. Does this scenario sound familiar? Enter Voice Over IP.

Voice Over IP, VOIP, is one of the fastest growing technologies within the business environment today – and that’s probably because it’s not entirely new. Your regular data transmissions work by compressing information, chopping it into smaller packets, and sending those packets over your company’s computer network. VOIP works in much the same way. In fact, many companies across the U.S. are finding that it can be integrated into their existing data network – including analog, leased line, frame relay, ISDN, and wireless.

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