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VOIP - Maximizing Uptime

Your network probably experiences all of the ups and downs like any other enterprise network Ė new applications added, new remote locations, additional users and increased transmissions. All of these can impact VOIP quality and uptime. The best way to maximize uptime is to make VOIP your first priority on the network.

If you shutdown your e-mail server for a very short time, only a few people may notice. When your employees canít place/receive telephone calls, your communications support personnel will no doubt be deluged with protests. You should continually monitor and test the network. Here are a few tips for maximizing uptime:

1) Use the benchmarks you established before the integration of VOIP to expose negative trends.

2) Schedule random tests of short VOIP calls between selected locations. Use the test results to identify outages or quality problems.

3) Install an IP monitoring system to observe call traffic.

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