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VOIP Features

How do VOIP features stack up against conventional service or the plain old telephone system (POTS)? According to a recent Gartner survey, companies currently using the technology consider VOIP to be better than traditional telephone systems in many instances. Categories of comparison included advanced features, administration, cost of ownership, vendor support, end-user satisfaction, and quality of service. In each of these categories, VOIP scored at least 70% better than POTS.

With Internet provision, particularly in the field of broadband, reaching new heights, VOIP technology is developing very quickly. Although VOIP calls do not use the existing circuit-switched phone network (a point that has the major carriers a bit nervous), the most popular features are still available. In fact, most of the features have been enhanced by the small technology revolution. These popular features include:

Regional Forwarding

Office-to-Office Communication

Off-Net Calling

Off-Premises Extensions

Password Security

Issues to Consider Before Deploying VOIP


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